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GigaWorks T3


Presis lyd i stilig design.

Creatives GigaWorks T3-høyttalersystem presenterer musikken på en helt ny måte. Fantastisk, nyskapende design, de beste komponentene og avansert teknologi. Dette gir et helt nytt kvalitetsnivå når du hører på musikk på PC/Mac eller MP3-spiller. De to satellittene gir svært detaljrik og nøyaktig lyd takket være de beste driverne, som er tilpasset til å gi fyldige mellomtoner og klare diskanttoner. Musikk fra satellittene kombineres naturlig med bass fra subwooferen, som har SLAM-design (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) og tre drivere, slik at den gir fremragende dynamikk og dyp, tett bass. GigaWorks T3 inneholder Low Standby Power-teknologi (patentanmeldt), som reduserer strømforbruket i standby-modus. Det har også en tilkoblet fjernkontroll med volumkontroll samt kontakter for Aux-In og hodetelefoner, som gjør det ekstra praktisk.
  • Ypperlig 2.1-høyttalersystem med lydpresisjon og design som er best i klassen.
  • Kompakte og stilige satellitter med drivere av høy kvalitet for komplette mellomtoner og klare diskanttoner.
  • Kompakt subwoofer med SLAM-design for stor kraft og tre drivere, slik at den gir dyp, raffinert bass.
  • Miljøvennlig Low Standby Power-teknologi, slik at strømforbruket begrenses i standby-modus.
  • Praktisk, tilkoblet fjernkontroll med kontakter for Aux-In og hodetelefoner.


Anmeldelser (på engelsk)

GamingShogun one of my US Marine's M1A1 main battle tanks rolled past my camera view, the rich bass actually rumbled my feet - a very nice effect. While just kicking back to the songs... the Gigaworks T3 performed exceptionally, and you can definitely hear the quality put into its construction and design.

GigaWorks T3



The two satellites did indeed handle the mid-ranges and highs of the test music very well, comparing admirably to a high-end reference system and delivering particularly nice vocals. It was hard to argue with the quality of that bass either, which came across pleasingly rich and deep - and surprisingly meaty, for the size of the subwoofer unit.

GigaWorks T3



The sub works a treat, and this partly due to new SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) technology... The sound that the tiny speakers themselves produce is so clear and detailed that you'll think that witchcraft is involved. As you'd expect from a PC speaker package, the T3s are great with compressed content.

5 out of 5

GigaWorks T3


GigaWorks T3 4.6 out of 0 based on 4 ratings. based on 6 reviews.

Kundeanmeldelser (På engelsk)

C. Drysdale

I had read a lot about the T3 and had visited many expos so that I can try it out. It replaces my $350 Audio Energy desktop stereo sound system (which is not spoilt by the way, I've just transferred it to another room). Whenever I visit Creative's booth to buy the T3, I always end up buying other Creative products for eg: at the first visit I bought the Sound Blaster R3; at the next visit, the Sound Blaster Roar. It was at the last expo that I eventually bought the T3 and also bought an Aurvana Live2 headphones and the Blaster E1 - I simply couldn't resist the other two items. The next Creative product that is in my cross-hairs is the Sound Blaster X7. I've attended almost all the demos for this amazingly powerful and versatile device. I like also the many offers that is usually bundled with it. I love Creative products. I always make it a point to visit Creative's booth whenever I go to the expo. My collection of Creative products include: the Zen X Fi MP3 player (my favourite MP3 player - it is truly sad that u don't do MP3 players anymore), the Blaster Digital Music SX, the portable X Fi device w/ USB connection and those mentioned above. I'd also like to add that the guys and gals who work at the expo are so helpful, friendly, patient and the full-time Creative staff at the booths - u guys not only know your products well but are very informative. I can sense your pride, not only for your products, but also for working for Creative. Truly great Creative spirit. Creative is truly creative!

S. Jones

Great value for money and good sound quality compared with other 2.1 speaker systems I've heard. My only area for improvement is to make the bass control adjustable all the way down to zero bass, as the bass is a big strong on these speaker systems, even on minimum setting. I normally set it to minimum and also knock down the bass at source, e.g. phone, tablet, laptop, down by 3-6dB. Another positive point is the subwoofer is very compact so it fits underneath a standard bed, many competing products will not do this as the subwoofer is often too large. This makes the T3 ideal for a bedroom HiFi as well as a pc/laptop sound system.

C. H. Poh

Amazing sound despite the smaller speaker size. The bass is powerful too.

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Innhold i esken

  • To høyttalere med 2-tommers drivere for hele området
  • En SLAM-subwoofer med 3 x 6,5-tommers drivere
  • Volumkontrollenhet
  • Stereo til dobbel RCA-kabel
  • Hurtigreferanse
  • Brosjyre om garanti og teknisk støtte


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